Latest Headlines in Obituaries

Emma Amos, painter who challenged racism and sexism, dies at 83

Ms. Amos, an acclaimed figurative artist whose high-color paintings of women flying or falling through space were charged with racial and feminist politics, died May 21 at her home in Bedford, N.H.

Elsa Dorfman, photographer whose distinctive portraits illuminated her subjects and herself, dies at 83

Elsa Dorfman, whose large-format Polaroid color portraits made her famous in the world of photography, and whose ebullient personality made her famous in the world of Cambridge, died Saturday at her Cambridge home.

Sam Johnson, seven-year POW in Vietnam who became a Texas congressman, dies at 89

Representative Johnson died May 27 at a hospital in Plano, Texas.

Albert Krieger, a bulldog of the criminal defense bar, dies at 96

Mr. Krieger, a defense lawyer who combined a prodigious memory, surgical interrogations and a courtly baritone to foil hostile witnesses against his often notorious clients, including mobsters John Gotti and Joseph Bonanno and Miami’s so-called cocaine cowboys, died May 14 in Miami.

William Small, ‘hero to journalism’ at CBS, NBC, dies at 93

Longtime broadcast news executive William J. Small, who led CBS News’ Washington coverage during the civil rights movement, Vietnam War and Watergate and was later president of NBC News and United Press International, died Sunday, CBS News said. He was 93.

Larry Kramer, author and outspoken AIDS activist, 84

Mr. Kramer, the noted writer whose raucous, antagonistic campaign for an all-out response to the AIDS crisis helped shift national health policy in the 1980s and ’90s, died Wednesday morning in Manhattan.

Robb Forman Dew, whose books explored the ’tidal flow of emotions’ in families, dies at 73

Robb Forman Dew won the American Book Award for first novel in 1982; a later book, “The Family Heart: A Memoir of When Our Son Came Out,” was highly regarded and translated into several languages.