Latest Headlines in Obituaries

Alan S. Boyd, nation’s first transportation chief, dies at 98

Mr. Boyd integrated the nation’s networks of planes, trains, ships and highways into the new agency.

Tom Maschler, British publisher instrumental in founding the Booker Prize, dies at 87

Tom Maschler, a British publisher who was instrumental in propelling the careers of such renowned writers as Gabriel García Márquez, Kurt Vonnegut and Joseph Heller and was a principal creator of the Booker Prize, one of the worlds' most prestigious literary honors, died Oct. 16 at a hospital in Apt, France. He was 87.

Ruth Klüger, who wrote haunting Holocaust memoir, dies at 88

Ruth Klüger, whose unforgiving memoir of growing up Jewish in Nazi-occupied Vienna and escaping death in a concentration camp unsentimentally redefined the conventional mythos of the heroic Holocaust survivor, died Oct. 5 at her home in Irvine, Calif. She was 88.

Max Osceola Jr., Seminole tribal leader, dies at 70

As an elected representative of the Seminole Tribal Council from 1985 through 2010, Mr. Osceola was “one of the tribe’s longest-serving and most powerful politicians,” according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. His adopted brother, James Billie, was the tribe’s longtime chairman.

Bob Shanks, influential TV executive, dies at 88

Bob Shanks, a television producer and executive who helped define the talk show and newsmagazine formats, working with Jack Paar and Merv Griffin and bringing “Good Morning America,” “20/20” and other programs to the air, died Monday in Pittsfield, Mass. He was 88.

Lulu Peyraud, a French wine matriarch, dies at 102

Lulu Peyraud, the matriarch of a wine-producing family in the Bandol region of southern France, who epitomized a joyous, exuberant and generous Provençal way of life as a cook and a hostess, died Oct. 7 in La Ciotat, France. She was 102.

Stuart Bowyer, astronomer who lent his ear to the cosmos, dies at 86

Stuart Bowyer made his biggest mark with his ultraviolet studies of the universe.

Fred Dean, 68, fearsome pass rusher of 49ers' dynasty, dies

Fred Dean, the fearsome pass rusher who was a key part of the launch of the San Francisco 49ers' dynasty, has died. He was 68.