Latest Headlines in Obituaries

Leon Fleisher, pianist who reinvented himself after losing use of right hand, dies at 92

Leon Fleisher championed piano repertory for the left hand after his right hand stopped working, and he became known for his teaching and conducting.

Bent Fabric, pianist and composer known for ‘Alley Cat’

Bent Fabricius-Bjerre, the Danish pianist who, as Bent Fabric, composed and recorded the ubiquitous instrumental hit “Alley Cat,” died Tuesday. He was 95.

James Silberman, book editor who championed James Baldwin, dies at 93

James Silberman edited books by writers as wide-ranging as Muhammad Ali, Marilyn French, Chris Matthews, and Hunter S. Thompson.

John Hume, who worked to end N. Ireland violence, dies at 83

Mr. Hume was a visionary politician who won a Nobel Peace Prize for fashioning the agreement that ended violence in his native Northern Ireland.

Anthony Terlato, who brought pinot grigio to the US, 86

Mr. Terlato, a visionary wine importer and marketer who introduced Americans to enduringly popular European wines and sought to elevate the wine market in the United States, died on June 28.

Connie Culp, first face transplant recipient in US, 57

Connie Culp, the first patient in the United States to receive a face transplant, died Wednesday at the Cleveland Clinic, which had performed her procedure in 2008. She was 57.

Alan Parker, 76, director of wide-ranging movies

Alan Parker, director of ‘Midnight Express’ and ‘Mississippi Burning,’ dies at 76

Reese Schonfeld, a founder of CNN and Food Network

Mr. Schonfeld, who founded the Cable News Network with Ted Turner in the early 1980s before developing another major cable channel a decade later, died Tuesday at his home in Manhattan.