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Jerrie Mock, 88; first female pilot to circle globe

Fifty years after she made aviation history, Jerrie Mock chuckled when asked whether she ever got scared while circling the globe alone.

Ray Lambrecht, 96; collector of Chevrolets

Ray Lambrecht, a small-town Chevrolet dealer who became far better known for the cars he kept than the ones he sold, died Sept. 22 at his home in Pierce, Neb., across the street from the auto dealership he owned and operated for 50 years. He was 96.

Floyd Creekmore, world’s oldest clown; at 98

Floyd ‘‘Creeky’’ Creekmore, a former Montana rancher who held the record as the world’s oldest performing clown, has died at age 98, his son said Tuesday.

Shlomo Lahat, former mayor of Tel Aviv; at 87

JERUSALEM — Former Tel Aviv mayor Shlomo Lahat, who presided over the city’s transformation into a vibrant and open urban center, has died at the age of 87.

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