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‘What It Means to Me to Be a Female Veteran’

Slippers and sandals tucked neatly under her bed at the Brockton VA.Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff

Eight women being treated for PTSD and substance abuse at the Brockton VA wrote a poem they were invited to read for Women Veterans Appreciation Day at the State House Nov. 6.


Being the first female veteran in my family shows all the females in future generations that they, too, can serve their country. — Angel


Being a female veteran means having the confidence, bravery, and courage to join and succeed in a male dominated, and time honored, profession. — Lisa


Female veterans evoke feelings of courage and dignity as mothers, daughters, and sisters of the men we raised. We instilled in them determination and their fighting spirit. Through us and our collective endeavors, we now support and defend our country with the same single-minded devotion our male counterparts have delivered. Ours is a nation of women who gave birth to decades of servicemen. We now are able to carry the same banner stating, “We also serve and protect.” — Hyacinth



A female veteran’s life is never really dim, for though we’re thin in numbers, our strengths lie deep within. Our paths not always easy, nor paved upon the way, the challenges are endless and yet we seek no praise. Rising for our nation, the country that we love, we pride ourselves to fight for the flag that flies above. History once questioned our needs to be a part, truly underestimating the fight in a woman’ heart. — Jacquelyn


Being a woman veteran means walking among some of the most awesome women ever; women full of strength, pride, honor, and at times, deep sorrow and pain. These women are stronger than any I’ve ever known. They’re engineers, machinists, pencil-pushers, weapons specialists, legal eagles, doctors, nurses, and so much more. There is nothing a women veteran is not. We do it ALL! What it means to me? We are amazing women . . . so I must be, too! — Margaret



You must be as strong as a Category Five Hurricane, as loyal and dependable as a newborn baby. Have unimpeachable dignity, honor, courage, and resilience, and be able to walk away from your life and into the unfamiliar territory to deal with things that gave you the title, “VETERAN!” — Cheryl


I am proud, we are strong. I can do it, we have fought. I know we will face obstacles. We have overcome many. I have done it. We will do it again. We are women. We are proud. — Ali


Being a female veteran is an honor. I believe female veterans share a common bond of dignity, integrity, and respect. We are phenomenal, and have so much inspiration, from what I’ve experienced, to give the world. We are passionate, caring, and compassionate: not just female veterans, but all women. And this is a day of celebration to recognize the women who served our country in one form or another. — Sharon

The Sisterhood of Female Veterans