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Making ‘Clear History’ in the North region

Larry David filming at a construction site in North Andover last month.Winslow Townson for The Boston Globe/Boston Globe


Local film locations to date (in order):

440 Great Pond Road, North Andover; West Beach, Beverly; North Shore Music Theatre, Beverly; Topsfield Fair; Rocky Neck, Gloucester; J.T. Farnham’s Seafood and Grill, Essex


Larry David

as Nathan Flomm, a former marketing exec who lives in ­exile on an island off the coast of Massachusetts under the assumed name Rolly DaVore. He’s hiding to avoid humiliation after an argument with his boss led him to quit and ­surrender stock ­options now valued in the billions.

Bill Hader

as Rags, the friend of an eccentric quarry owner who agrees to help Flomm settle an old debt.


Phillip Baker Hall

as McKenzie, the foreman of an island construction project who hires Flomm, and soon afterward regrets it.

Jon Hamm

as Will Haney, the founder of an ­electric car company who has a ­contentious relationship with Flomm, his former head of marketing.

Kate Hudson

as Rhonda, the glamorous wife of Haney, with whom Flomm strikes up a special friendship.

Michael Keaton

as Joe Stumpo, the eccentric operator of a quarry on the ­island.

Danny McBride

as Frank, an islander and Flomm’s best friend.

Eva Mendes

as Jennifer, an ­islander who takes an off-handed suggestion from Flomm a bit too seriously.

Amy Ryan

as Wendy, former girlfriend of Flomm, who he discovers has been hiding a secret since ­before they dated.

JB Smoove

as Jaspar, former boyfriend of a local girl who blames ­Rolly for the end of his relationship.