Real estate home sales/North


4 Lovejoy Rd. Kevin M. Mcgovern and Tracy G. Mcgovern to Kenneth E. Mackenzi and Pamela M. Mackenzi, $698,900

2 Colonial Drive #5E Ghazala Arif and Mohammad Arif to Reman Arif, $40,000


15 Simon St. Jamco RT and Robert A. Macarthur to Simon Street Props LLC, $1,100,000


11 Thissell St. #4 Christopher R. Bovich and Mary J. Bovich to Bernard Flanagan and Ann O. Flanagan, $995,000

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299 Dodge St. David Sabatini T. and Laurie A. Johnson to Peter P. Proulx and Heather J. Proulx, $625,000

29 Woodbury St. Maxner FT and John H. Maxner to 29 Woodbury Street LLC, $418,000

3 Miller Rd. Clifford J. Kent and Judith F. Kent to Nicholas A. Nappi and Katelyn Nappi, $379,900

6 Cliff St. Caroline J. Robert to Meredith Seidel and Brian Gordon, $325,000


15 Mechanic St. Gerald S. Theriault and Anne L. Theriault to Jared Carucci, $310,000

21 Ames St. Fred D. Childs to Amy J. Hunt, $245,000

12 Jordan St. Mary-ellen Joly to Craig Macarelli and Haley Macarelli, $244,900

27 Fayette St. #303 Michelle T. Mchugh to Leo Murphy and Collen Murphy, $195,125

12 Pickett St. #C FNMA to Joseph Morello, $180,000



191 Salem Rd. FNMA to Peacock Dev LLC, $155,000


2 Westwood St. 2 Westwood Street RT and Denise Paster to Scott M. Cayon and Emily C. Cayon, $395,000


207 Park Rd. Michael A. Costos and Sarah Costos to Gary W. Anderson, $330,000

3 Trotting Rd. Philip G. Tays to Jonathan P. Tays and Kelly A. Tays, $300,000

77 Westford St. Henry M. Robinson RET and Paul E. Robinson to Donald G. Patch and Nancy M. Patch, $210,000

181 Littleton Rd. #304 Thursby Robert B. Est and Patricia A. Thibodeau to Patricia Evans and David A. Evans, $162,900


10 Loris Rd. Virginia E. Sidmore RET and Virginia E. Sidmore to Nancy E. Scott, $255,900


234 John Wise Ave. John A. Broderick to Castle Creek RE LLC, $150,000


120 Linden St. Lorraine A. Churchill and Albert J. Demaria to Brian P. Hansen and Laura J. Hansen, $434,000

28 Lynde St. Susan M. Imperiali to Bijeta Shrestha and Raj K. Shrestha, $266,000

881 Broadway #39 FNMA to Lindsey Staffieri, $130,000

15 Ferry St. #2-3 William M. Knowles to Lady V. T. and Angela Desposito, $109,500


4 True Lane David F. Scannell and Nancy J. Scannell to Patrick M. Canny, $222,768


73 Eastern Ave. Gregg W. Landry and Christie L. Landry to Thomas A. Stein, $382,500

96 Main St. #1 Main Stree RT and Stuart F. Gray to Regina Edwards, $295,000

39 School St. David F. Foote and Annette M. Foote to Nathan J. Hausman, $199,900


12 Broad St. Jack Wagner and Randall L. Dearborn to Jacqueline Vlahos and Gregory Vlahous, $307,500


129 Broad St. LSREF 2 Clover Prop 14 to Broad 137 LLC, $875,000

40 Central Sq LSREF 2 Clover Prop 14 to 40 Central Square LLC, $280,000


621 Lowell St. Gregory T. Danti and Barbara Danti to Andrew G. Stevens and Lynn M. Young, $662,800

28 Fernway Gagnon NT and J. R. Gagnon to Craig M. Foster, $435,000

30 Island Rd. Kevin J. Odriscoll to John T. Odriscoll and Patricia A. Odriscoll, $250,000


47 Bartlett St. Diane Yan and Ren Q. Chen to Su H. Chen, $560,000

180 Harvard St. Toni Dajci and Genci Pance to Diana Y. Lai and Annie X. Ma-Lai, $383,000

32 Harding Ave. Thomas M. Landers and Trina M. Landers to Chun L. Gu, $201,000

30 Rich St. #15 David Depierro to Chunfang Gu, $124,000


4 Andrews Ave. Henry R. Davis and Sally G. Davis to Douglas Orne and Melissa Brand, $451,050


6 Fieldbrook Rd. Barbara E. Goldberg T. and Barbara F. Goldberg to Scott Kaplowitch and Melissa Kaplowitch, $570,000

14 Santry Rd. David Desimone and Cindy Desimone to Jay Miller and Kendra Miller, $435,000

Camille Ter #3 Paul Caggiano Dev LLC to Daniel J. Urman and Kate E. Urman, $424,000

5 Thompson Rd. Boardman RET and Alice M. Boardman to Anastasio Athanasopoulos, $411,000


15 Chipman St. Angelo J. Zoglio T. and Judith Block to Salvatore A. Gaglio, $461,500

159 Pine Ridge Rd. Thomas J. Aliberti and Cathleen M. Aliberti to Michael A. Gordon and Megan K. Gordon, $455,000

134 Brooks St. Leo M. Kelly to Andrew S. Penziner and Adriana Z. Brook, $429,000

44 Grant Ave. Donna M. Agostino to Azeida L. Santos and Richard Cremin, $345,000

44 Wason St. John L. Malloy to Joseph D. Schiavulli and Gabriela S. Schiavulli, $317,000

239 Spring St. #3 Eric A. Kelley and Loreen C. Kelley to Jonathan Kean, $300,000

30 Revere Beach Pkwy #313 Xuejun Tian and Yinghui Hu to Brian Winne and Matthew Swanson, $279,900


102 Crescent Ave. Marie A. Ryan to Sheila Butler and William Butler, $445,000

6 Prospect St. Myles T. Omalley and Kathryn L. Omalley to Adam B. Gillis and Lady V. Gillis, $391,000

30 Ferdinand St. Anthony J. Dinardi to Jamie Dicicco and Caroline A. Dicicco, $348,000


23 Sherwood Drive Franklin Farms GP Inc to Lawrence A. Maggio and Kimberly S. Maggio, $445,031

27 Cox Lane Prafullchandra M. Patel and Hansa P. Patel to Kathleen E. Brazer, $316,000

91 Lorenzo Circle Richard Giuffrida and Patricia Giuffrida to Ernesto Ventura and Moraima T. Ventura, $313,800

7 Cochrane Circle Rosemary A. Casale to Guy A. Grasso and Phyllis T. Grasso, $260,000

22 Tower St. John M. Rogers to Eliezer Silfa, $240,000

251 Pelham St. William Tarr and Meghan E. Tarr to Richard P. Blinn, $240,000

15 Green St. Green Street RT and Michael Michaud to Dung D. Vo and Anh Nguyen, $220,000

945 Riverside Drive #28A Jack Yt Chao to Manuel Cabral, $98,000

2 Constitution Way #F Joyce E. Sanguedolce and John P. Sanguedolce to Chadi Chakkar, $78,800


38 Village Rd. #709 James E. White and Nancy L. White to Raymond J. Bourque, $290,000


10 Highland Ave. Delaney Frances Est and John D. Delaney to Patricia Kavanagh, $395,000

293 Nahant Rd. #A8 Toyah Jane LLC to Heather M. Leary, $175,000


1 Jackson Way Wilkins LT and Pauline H. Wilkins to Kathleen A. Barrett and William K. Barrett, $490,000

52 Milk St. James C. Bourque Const Inc to Christopher R. Ayotte and Caroline T. Scullin, $499,900

23 Essex St. #1 Thomas J. Law and Susan Law to Paul A. Loomis, $470,000

51 Tyng St. Linda A. Okeefe to Mary A. Fratto and Amanda J. Chalmers, $305,000


13 Chestnut St. Haltmaier RT and Jane Haltmaier to Mark T. Richards and Jennifer D. Richards, $450,000

52 Fernview Ave. #11 Lyudmila Matveyuk and Osip Berlyand to Nicholas G. Pantazapoulos, $132,000

1401 Great Pond Rd. #8 Judith Mangan to Ronald M. Cuscia, $125,000


4 10 Rod Way Aaron D. Friedman and Alicia Friedman to Seth Fidel and Roseann Ventimiglia, $730,000

17 Olde Farm Lane Edward J. Rocco and Patricia A. Rocco to Adam Coviello and Sabrina Coviello, $706,800

26 Cleek Court Martin Weiss to Gagnon NT and Raymond Gagnon, $325,000

20 Wright St. Robert L. Snyder and Brenda J. Ruotolo to Scott R. Snyder, $300,000

30 Brassie Way Craig Reid and Jennie Reid to Lynne M. Koeller, $285,000

36 Main St. #5 FNMA to Subramanian Murugan, $65,000


8 Walnut St. #317 Karen A. Waitt and Stephen J. Waitt to Cynthia Herlihy, $209,000


9 Abigail Way #3010 Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Louise S. Conti, $353,625

9 Abigail Way #1010 Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Samuel W. Ludwig, $249,765

9 Abigail Way #1005 Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Kathryn E. Viglione, $139,000

9 Abigail Way #1009 Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Janelle Bertolino, $139,000


533 Broadway Revere Derby RT and Robert Pedicini to Jaffrey Castaldo and John D. Castaldo, $540,000

137 Oakwood Ave. #B Mensur Didovic and Jasminka Didovic to Christopher Carron, $275,000

500 Revere Beach Blvd #405 FNMA to Joseph Fitzpartick and Daniel Fitzpartick, $157,000

145 Harris St. #6 Andrew Reitano and Rita Reitano to Elizabeth R. Donnellan, $156,000

109 Eustis St. Defilippo Nicholas Est and Rose M. Richard to Baris Berk, $141,000

595 Revere Beach Pkwy #34 Myrle E. Davis RET and Myrle E. Davis to Alla Sigal and Arkady Sigal, $115,000


8 Cedarwood Lane Lindon H. Steadman and Mariah S. Steadman to Keith A. Belanger and Angela L. Belanger, $323,000


18 Summer St. James J. Jordan and Richard J. Fay to Suzanne F. Barnes, $315,000

9 Cousins St. Patricia A. Messina to Daniel Watnick, $305,000

180 Whalers Lane Thomas F. Meinert and Christine S. Meinert to Susan G. Schuler, $290,000

4 Curtis St. #2 Martha Mckenney to Stephanie David, $286,000

22 Carlton St. #1 HSBC Bank USA NA to Justin M. Williams, $98,800


2 Merrill St. CP St Louis Park RE Hold to Tow Merrill Street T. and Gordon C. Ayer, $1,600,000

111 Storeybrook Drive #24 Richard W. Clark to Joyce M. Peters, $195,000

167 Elm St. #K2 Storage Estates LLC to Clifford W. Chase, $89,000


32 Spencer Ave. Spencer Street RT and Andrew B. Perkins to Peter Delios, $251,500

135 Forest St. #W6 Lillian E. Falasca to Casandra Difranza and Peter Leslie, $209,000


49 Lowden Ave. Robert D. Donaldson and Gabrielle S. Berberian to Frank Rocci, $762,000

12 Evergreen Sq Zeng Y. Zou and Qiang Zhang to John Chow and Jin F. Zhu, $360,000


43 Pleasant St. John Pariseau to 43 Pleasant St Realty LLC, $280,000


1008 Paradise Rd. #1B Henry M. Cunney to William R. Dimento and Carol A. Dimento, $100,000


31 Jills Way David J. Rindo to Gregory T. Danti, $386,000

11 Memorial Drive Diane R. Sadowald and Robert S. Sadowald to Samuel R. Schutz, $370,000

290 Marston St. Kenneth R. Gaines and Bettye L. Gaines to Duane F. Fifield and Patricia A. Fifield, $330,000

83 Willow St. Anthony Nolette and Gail R. Nolette to Stephen E. Puopolo and Katherine J. Puopolo, $325,000

51 Chandler St. Arnold O. Martel to Jill M. Digiammerino, $294,000

14 Oakland Ave. James P. Duggan and Carol A. Duggan to John Camacho and Annemarie Camacho, $270,000

20 Oakland Ave. Rivers FT and Arthur R. Rivers to Annette Burke and Joseph E. Burke, $247,500


4 Reed St. Rosamond J. Dorrence to Mark Dynan and Deborah Dynan, $587,000

2 Carson Ave. Joan D. Tuttle to Thomas M. Warford and Amanda J. Warford, $336,000


15 Chester St. Christopher R. Laidlaw to Rodrigo Serrano and Noel Dicarlo, $515,000

6 Risley Rd. Destefano Virginia V. Est and Donna Destefano to Mario Bianco and Edward T. Binco, $507,000


61 Birch Rd. David Ferreira and Stacey Ferreira to Jonathan O. Poulos and Sharon R. Poulos, $430,000

23 Elmwood Ave. Maureen E. Murphy to Richard Petruccelli and Deborah Petruccelli, $290,000

39 Nevada St. Janice Brenner to Cynthia Jimenez, $265,000

17 Hillside Ave. Mackey John R. Est and Timothy F. Mackey to Roger Beckert, $220,000


14 Eaton Ave. Hurmon E. Hamilton and Rhonda L. Hamilton to Frederic C. Harris and Patrice E. Harris, $420,000

8 Blueberry Hill Rd. Jonathan D. Poulos and Shannon R. Poulos to Roger A. Smith, $367,000

1 Patricia Circle Joyce M. Scalesse and Richard J. Scalesse to Richard J. Scalesse and Nancy A. Scalesse, $319,000

7 Valley Rd. Allan D. Roche to Matthew D. Albertelli and Courtney N. Albertelli, $290,000

61 Warren Ave. Wheaton RT and Sharon M. Wheaton to John W. Donovan, $220,000

39 Montvale Ave. #10 Jennifer A. Ryan to Rachel Chardo, $140,000