City awarded Massworks grant

For the second consecutive year, Haverhill has received a Massworks grant to improve the city’s infrastructure and bring jobs to the area. This year’s grant of $4 million was one of the largest in the state and eclipsed the $1 million grant that Haverhill received last year, which was spent on improvements to the Merrimack Street parking garage. This year’s funding will help cover the cost of improvements on Merrimack Street, including a higher flood wall, repairs to the pump station that pumps water from the Little River to the Merrimack River, and repairs to the culvert that carries Little River into the Merrimack River. The flood wall improvements, which are mandated by the federal government, are expected to cost about $6 million, city officials said. The upgrades are being designed to allow a portion of the boardwalk to be built on top of the flood wall. According to Mayor James J. Fiorentini, the city’s goal is to extend the boardwalk that now runs behind Haverhill Bank up to the Woolworth building.