Task force will look into renovating or replacing high school building

Somerville's mayor has appointed a task force to look into renovating or replacing the Somerville High School building. Led by former high school headmaster Tony Ciccariello, the 10-member task force will review renovation options and possible new sites for the school, then make a recommendation to Mayor Joseph Curtatone. The task force is expected to convene in January, according to a statement from the city. “We need to make decisions about near-term fixes in the context of a longer-term strategy to provide high quality, cost-effective educational facilities,” Curtatone said. “I am confident that the team we have assembled for this mission has the necessary expertise and I look forward to their recommendations.” A study by an engineering firm conducted earlier this year found the school needed $10 million in repairs. Since then, the building's roof and auditorium suffered significant damage from late-October storms, according to a city spokesman. The building has had no major repairs or renovations since 1986.