Town’s overnight winter parking ban to be modified

The town on Tuesday is beginning a pilot program modifying its overnight winter parking ban. The current regulation prohibits parking on public ways for more than one hour between 1 and 6 a.m. from Dec. 1 until April 1. Any cars parked on the streets during those times are subject to being ticketed, or towed if they interfere with plowing. The pilot program will prohibit parking for more than one hour between 1 and 6 a.m. only when the Department of Public Works, in anticipation of snow, advises the public through the town’s community notification system that the ban is in effect. The town will also publicize the bans on local media, the town’s Web page and social media websites, the Danvers cable TV station, and on two electronic billboards. Vehicles that remain on the road during an overnight parking ban may be ticketed or towed. The notification system automatically calls the telephones of all residents and businesses. Any household or business that would like to add a mobile phone number or e-mail address can do so by going to the town’s website,, and clicking on “Connect CTY.” The trial program is intended to eliminate the need for homeowners with limited parking to find off-street parking for the entire winter. The pilot program will continue until April 1, when it will be evaluated.