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    Pay-as-you-throw program encourages recycling, raises money

    As a means to procure additional funds and encourage recycling, the town has entered into a partnership with Georgetown-based G. Mello Disposal Corp. and has implemented a pay-as-you-throw trash and recycling program. As of Jan. 1, G. Mello Disposal took over management of the town transfer station on Boston Road. The town has eliminated the $175 flat-rate sticker program and will now charge $2 for large black bags up to 35 gallons, and $1 for small white kitchen bags. The cost to dispose of other items, such as sofas, tires, and mattresses, will range from $5 to $30, with a per-roll charge for carpets and flat rates per cubic yard for construction debris and shingles. Recycling will be free. The town and G. Mello Disposal will split the net income from the operation, each receiving 50 percent. “In the past, residents paid a flat fee for the entire year, regardless of how much trash they created,” Jason Mello, vice president of operations at G. Mello, said in a statement issued by the town. “A pay-as-you-throw program is the perfect opportunity for each household to take responsibility for themselves and decrease their costs by recycling more, paying only for what they actually throw away, and helping the town’s financial situation in the meantime.” Visit for more details.