Real estate home sales


285 Nashua Rd. Shaw River RT and William A. Cooke to Sean M. Stowe and Katherine L. Stowe, $587,500

8 Albert St. MJA RT and Martin J. Allen to Samantha L. Griffith and Marthew A. Ward, $434,050


107 Allen Rd. Stephen W. Dunn and Patricia Dunn to John Bentley and Patricia Bentley, $315,000

13 Race St. 76 Haven Street LLC to Adam J. Flaherty and Karen L. Flaherty, $299,900

20 Glad Valley Drive Lawrence W. Brown and Connie J. Brown to Adnre E. Barber, $289,000

20 Sumac St. Beth M. French to Meredith N. Camilli, $250,000

16 Marshbrook Rd. Marshbrook Road RT and William F. Megow to Aran M. Praillo and Sara E. Sutiff, $157,115



56 Villagewood Drive Ronald J. Blanchette and Carol F. Blanchette to Patricia A. Brown, $495,000

1 Dunlap Rd. Phillip N. Davis and Heather L. Davis to Mark A. Smith and Sara Smith, $435,000

6 Blackhorse Lane Mohamed Abouzahra and Kathleen Abouzahra to Houssam Z. Abouzahra and Dina S. Wassaf, $390,000

6 Birchcrest St. Rita Boucher FT and Rita Boucher to Monica Faiella, $353,000

36 Glen Ave. John R. Banks and Carole A. Banks to Richard W. Carmichael and Celia M. Pedersen, $315,000

9 Laurel Lane Kelli L. Sulfaro and Jaclynn K. Sulfaro to Vincent L. Decarlo, $290,000

16 Mohawk Rd. Hennessy IRT and Paula J. Sable to Michael C. Vanstry and Joanne M. Vanstry, $237,500


89 Bellingham St. Juan Gallego and Mark Sweet to Carlos Garcia, $355,000

116 Essex St. Patsy Miller to Jonathan Jaramillo, $325,000

950 Broadway #30 Robert A. Osgood to Alan M. Averback and Beverly L. Averback, $259,000

86 Division St. William J. Mallett to Thomas J. Kehoe, $210,000

100 Boatswains Way #401 Kelley Thomas Est and Peter T. Kelley to Richard A. Wilburn, $174,000


16 Bellingham Ave. Michael J. Gill and Ann M. Gill to Elizabeth A. Gill, $380,000

68 Clarence St. 68 Clarence Street LLC to Thomas C. Willard, $300,000

20 Haskell Ave. Lorraine Lombardo to Adriana C. Fantin, $270,000

23 Fuller St. John A. Barros and Deborah Barros to Felipe O. Costa, $252,000

67 Bradford St. Infurna Cosmo Est and Rosalind A. Damico to Mimi Palma, $235,000


2 Bridle Path Nathaniel C. Wolfson and Danielle N. Wolfson to Peter Gammel, $1,095,000


3 Russell Rd. John J. Imbrescia and Marcia E. Imbrescia to George A. Dangelo and Carol M. Dangelo, $900,000

806 Lowell St. Dennis Craig and Gail Craig to Mark Panetta and Debra Panetta, $545,000

15 Gerry Rd. Arline E. Cohee to Richard J. Cohee and Barbara R. Cohee, $425,000

3 Hilltop Rd. Jason S. Scaduto to William J. Leahy and Alexis J. Leahy, $415,000

31 Partridge Lane Pauline E. Finberg to Scott F. Duggan, $327,000


33 2nd St. Anne C. Hughes to Salam A. Syed and Farhana A. Syed, $400,000

23 Russell St. Dotolo Stephen M. Est and Julie M. Dotolo to Conrad E. Hauck, $380,000

128 Cross St. He Zhou to Ka M. Au, $365,000

31 Willard St. 29-31 Willard Street RT and Kan H. Tam to Rong Guan and Chunjie Li, $330,000

87 Granite St. Kenneth Hunter to Joseph L. Zamy and Amance H. Zamy, $300,000

88 Hubbard St. Ricardo Pereira and Suzana Amaral to Cynthia Watson, $290,000

76 Dutton St. John C. Kaloyanides to Nga S. Wong, $257,000

81 High Rock Rd. D&L RT and Kevin M. Douglas to Lu Ann M. Pozzi, $242,000

20 Tyler Court Curreri Gerald J. Est and Nicholas Curreri to Mark G. Blomstrom and Colin Mcconville, $200,000

30 Franklin St. #121 Philip B. Mcmanus to Joanne Bradley, $155,000

20 Daniels St. #103 Carolyne Maclellan to Mandy M. Ray, $125,000


12 Laurel St. Christopher J. Cramer to Michael Paulo and Guiseppina E. Paulo, $775,000

15 Pleasant St. Michael Green to Angelique N. Williams and Eric J. Dawson, $600,000

100 Station Lndg #602 Cooper F. Clark and Amanda Clark to Jennifer Yoon, $519,000

23 Clayton Ave. Edward Principe to Nell Fay and Christopher Nephew, $502,000

82 Damon Rd. Jean W. Zafiris and John P. Zafiris to Michael Rosa and Colleen Rosa, $445,000

677 Winthrop St. Melanie E. Lentini to Daniel E. Hook and Elizabeth D. Hook, $439,900

40 Farragut Ave. Solo Realty LLC to Daniel R. Balter and Quyen Balter, $395,000

122 Sharon St. #203 Noyyan Kinayman to Clementine Cummer-Nacco, $355,000

27 Roosevelt Rd. Joseph Mele and Christine Mele to Andrew Conway, $330,500

35 Gordon Rd. Ocean Real Estate Inv LLC to Dawn Carroll, $315,000

2500 Mystic Valley Pkwy #1106 Donna J. Ferderer and Marcia A. Adams to 1106 Cradock Cove RT and Farrokh Khajavi-Noori, $300,000

3920 Mystic Valley Pkwy #614 John R. Luti to Guang Yang, $280,000

22 9th St. #103 Marcia Goober RET and Marcia Goober to Martin Goober and Diane C. Goober, $250,000

587 Winthrop St. John F. Connors and Mary E. Connords to John Lavalle and Maura Lavalle, $225,000

81 Summer St. Patricia A. Creedon to Karen M. Creedon, $146,000


44 Grove St. 42-44 Grove Street RT and Anmata Group LLC to Peter Shieh and Shih C. Shieh, $700,000

138 Country Club Rd. Mary C. Vesprini T. and Armando R. Vesprini to Christopher C. Ludlow, $625,000

29 Linden Rd. Michael B. Desmond and Deirdre F. Hannan to Thaddeus L. Stump and Glenda S. Stump, $517,000

51 Upham St. Carol A. Mulkern to Raymond K. Luu and Yu Y. Chen, $427,000

218 Grove St. Paul Pietrantonio to Raj R. Singh and Teresa Riley, $410,000

340 Main St. Michael J. Taranto and Maria A. Taranto to Jennifer Lemmerman and John F. Lemmerman, $380,000

108 Vinton St. Helen L. Conway to Nils J. Sorensen and Rebecca E. Logiudice, $325,000

65 Maple St. Nancy A. Park to Melanie Burke, $295,000

33 Berwick St. Karen Coombes to Tracy J. Mclean and Kenneth R. Mcclure, $208,000

180 Green St. #316 David P. Henry to Christa M. Evanson, $193,800

180 Green St. #308 Christa M. Evanson to David P. Henry, $110,000


2 Deerfield Place Robert P. Whitehouse and Sophie Whitehouse to Marc P. Buraczynski and Kathy N. Buraczynski, $665,000

16 Westward Circle Daniel Tammaro and Kelly Tammaro to Leatrice J. Leschi, $519,900

5 Patriot Way Kevin P. Harron and Kimberlee A. Brown to Nicholas Harron and Kara Donahue, $500,000

369 Park St. Douglas C. Haskell to Nicole J. Panico and James Maggio, $385,000

28 Riverside Drive Michael J. Ring to Sarah M. Visocchi and John E. Visocchi, $256,405

4 Greenbriar Drive #306 Nicole J. Panico to Jesus R. Nossa, $129,000


37 Jacob Way #9 Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Shawn M. Brandt and Lauren M. Brandt, $503,150

121 Belmont St. JFB RT and James S. Beaudoin to Sean T. Goodwin and Beth M. Claroni, $467,000

25 Summer Ave. Terence L. Selle to Alexander Kaplun and Ludmila Kaplun, $385,000

20 Dustin Rd. Stephan Deyermenjian LT and Peter W. Gillies to Todd C. Perrault and Alyssa M. Perrault, $358,500

609 Gazebo Circle Jennifer Nelson to Lori A. Briere and Kevin E. Briere, $293,000

2 Summit Drive #26 Marina Doktor to Patrick J. Bolger, $237,000


130 Morris St. David Alliance LLC to Elvish J. Rodrigues and Ailin Rodrigues, $461,900

49 Thornton St. Evelyn X. Aguirre to Leidy L. Sepulveda and Victor Alzate, $375,000

128 Randall Rd. Sposito FT and David D. Sposito to Donald J. Willyard and Linda L. Willyard, $335,000

30 Amelia Place NSP Residential LLC to Joseph J. Ristino and Elaine G. Ristino, $317,000

49 Eustis St. Katherine Cantlon and Lenore Cantlon to Michael Hyde, $282,000

83 Haskell Ave. Lorraine Lombardo to Adriana C. Fantin, $270,000

2 Bixby St. Anthony M. Moccia T. and Anthony M. Moccia to Thomas Abruzzio, $245,000

292 Salem St. #204 Richard B. Penta to Karen D. Coombes, $213,000

61 Chamberlain Ave. John J. Doherty to Shawn Doherty, $187,500

500 Revere Beach Blvd #401 Ann M. Quinn to Vikas Chawla, $158,000


8 Vinegar Hill Drive Vinegar Hill Ests T. and Kevin F. Procopio to Sukhjinder Gill, $685,000

130 Morris St. Davis Alliance LLC to Elvish J. Rodrigues and Ailin Rodrigues, $461,900

10 Pillings Rd. Anne M. Tucker to Aleksandr A. Druzhin, $322,500

15 Vermont Ave. Susan M. Imperiali to Carol Mulkern, $313,900

53 Ballard St. New Eng Colonial Props to Susana Sanchez, $280,000

3 Granite Rd. Edward Parker and Nicole Parker to Claudia Gilles, $267,000

3 Naples Ave. Keith Littlefield to Vanessa Porziella, $240,000

26 Fairview Ave. John J. Doherty to Nicholas Doherty, $187,500

429 Central St. Powers John F. Est and Rita G. Sonia to Harold E. Gately, $155,000


11 William St. Michael H. Goldstein and Jennifer R. Rapaport to William T. Bowers, $1,260,000

22 Line St. #C Asaad FT and Wael F. Asaad to Edmund Feijo and Brian C. Long, $785,000

30 Howard St. #1 Janet Singer to Eleanor Schmidt, $779,000

26 Ivaloo St. Deborah Muscella to Judith L. Maggiore and John Manchester, $691,000

23 Park St. #3 Jennifer R. Garcia to Chiahsun Y. Liou and Jianntyng J. Liou, $500,000

112 Highland Ave. #B Matthew Ganz and Kibibi Ganz to Peter C. Mccarron and Andrew C. Mccarron, $372,000

29 Kingston St. Elizabeth K. Mccombs and Joan Rachlin to Joan Rachlin, $329,000

275 Highland Ave. Douglas S. Beaudet to Jessica Flood, $249,900


1 Rustic Rd. Robert A. Powers and Nancy E. Powers to Michael J. Lord and Jessica L. Lord, $470,000

80 Pond St. John R. Leavitt and John J. Tarlach to John R. Leavitt, $115,000


28 Old Stagecoach Rd. William S. Mackay and Heather Adelfio to David Periera and Arlene Barnoth, $450,000

65 Tew Mac Ter Mcnee Dev LLC to Brandon D. Flanagan and Rachel A. Flanagan, $399,900

10 Cayuga Rd. Karl M. Hoover and Jie Z. Hoover to Amos N. Kagunda, $363,500

1550 Main St. Frank E. Carter to Arnold Martel and Marc P. Ginsburg, $275,000

7 Maplewood Rd. Robert D. Higgins to Nancy H. Bowring and Thomas M. Higgins, $250,000

438 Pleasant St. Colleen W. Porter to Nathan A. Carminito and Kathryn L. Carminito, $224,733

11 Madeline Rd. Mary P. Wilson and Harry T. Wilson to Alice Neves, $205,000

45 Paulies Place Phel Jas LLC to Jessica P. Kelleher, $168,800

88 Emerald Court Patricia A. Sheehan to Dennis J. Sheehan, $107,000


46 Ashwood Ave. Brookfield Estate LLC to Yiqian E. Liu and Fengying C. Liu, $650,000

325 Woburn St. Jacqueline T. Abreu to Jean Paul C. Mayer and Kristina E. Aste-Mayer, $455,900

400 Woburn St. Jonathan Hughes and Amelia Hughes to Daniel P. Gibbons and Jennifer T. Gibbons, $372,000

11 Dobson St. Christopher J. Leonard and Rebecca L. Leonard to Richard E. Bowerman and Patricia Bowerman, $320,000

1302 Sandy Lane 1302 Sandy Lane LLC to Stephen Paris and Ann Paris, $279,900


8 Everett Ave. Mccall Jean R. Est and William F. Mccall to Robert V. Walsh and Cristina S. Walsh, $3,130,000

58 Graystone Circle Duffy Realty LLC to Kailenn Tsao and Xi Na, $790,775

23 Nathaniel Rd. Jifeng Liuy and Qianfan Wang to Xinya He and Cuiru Zhu, $651,000

120 Main St. Steven A. Bokser to Jeffrey J. Vincent and Carole Vincent, $629,000

30 Salem St. Coss Elisabeth R. Est and Timothy J. Coss to Joshua A. Burke and Melissa Burke, $600,000

101 Harvard St. Andria X. Mei and Siyuan Song to Nicholas J. Maselli and Angela M. Maselli, $470,000

44 Thornberry Rd. Joan M. Segota to Walter Scott, $400,000


127 Bowdoin St. Elaine M. Colarossi to Laureen E. Demayo, $311,000

220 Woodside Ave. William V. Chiccarelli and Dean Dasuta to Valerie A. Thomas, $220,000


11 Fairway Drive Richard Koster and Lorraine Koster to Harout Sajonian and Lena Sajonian, $705,000

19 Jefferson Ave. #D JWL Woburn T. and John W. Lane to KEG RT and George J. Hamilton, $450,000

17 Hilltop Ter Odonnell Mary J. Est and Robert H. Odonnell to Douglas A. Mclean, $320,000

13 Fisher Ter Josephine B. Clancy to Thomas Murphy, $310,500

21 Pearl St. Margaret J. Simpson T. and Margaret J. Simpson to Lawrence W. Dingle, $204,900

19 E Nichols St. Michael J. Langone and Camella A. Boissonneault to David D. Boissonneault, $150,000

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