Pico Park renovations nearing completion

The Winthrop Parks Committee is gearing up for the completion of renovations to Pico Park. The project, which began last fall, involves construction of a new playground and other upgrades to the small park located on the harbor off Sunnyside Avenue. It is being funded with $25,000 from the town, a $5,000 grant from Massport, and private money. The final work this spring will include installing the playground equipment and completing the construction of a new street-hockey court on the site of a former tennis court. Workers will also complete a new half-basketball court on part of the site of what had been a full court. The town decided to downsize the basketball court to provide more green space. The town also plans to install a brick pathway and is inviting community members to purchase commemorative bricks. Those who buy bricks can have the names of their family members inscribed on them. The proceeds will go toward the costs of the project. To purchase a brick, call the Parks and Recreation Department at 617-846-8243.