Celli to become part-time school projects director

The Swampscott School Committee and Superintendent Lynne Celli recently negotiated an arrangement for fiscal year 2014, the last on Celli’s four-year contract. As of June 30, Celli will be executive superintendent for special projects, a 20-hour-a-week position at half her current salary (approximately $170,000), in which she will focus on projects such as building a new elementary school. The committee announced its intention to search for an interim superintendent to also work part time through fiscal year 2014, according to a press release, to “provide an opportunity to develop a more extensive search and recruitment process for a permanent superintendent.” “Lynne Celli has accomplished a great deal in the district during her tenure,” said School Committee chairman Larry Beaupre. “That’s all a matter of record. Our test scores in many areas have been rising, the ranking of the high school is on the way up, [and] we have turned relationships around with our teachers union, which is hugely to her credit as well as the leadership of the union.”