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    Qigong brings seniors, children together

    An intergenerational Qigong program is being offered to Somerville seniors and to kindergartners from Tufts University’s Educational Day Care Center. Lisa Doyle has for more than a year been leading a group of seniors in weekly classes in the ancient Chinese system of exercise for staying healthy based on the idea that moving energy, or chi, throughout the body fosters physical and mental well-being. The new program builds a personal relationship between the seniors and children as well as a knowledge of Qigong practice. The program was piloted in four sessions in 2012, and students reported “liking the activity,” and “wanting to do it again.” Seniors reported “having enjoyed the activity,” “wanting to participate again with a new group,” and “feeling energized and happy after working with the children.” One said, “Before the class I felt tired from errands and walking and after I had a smile on my face.” This year’s eight-session program begins Wednesday and will be held for eight Wednesdays at 1 the Somerville Council on Aging, 167 Holland St. For more information, e-mail