Wilmington survey reveals public opinion on recreation area

The Yentile Farm Development Committee has released the results of its recent community survey, which sought input regarding the multipurpose recreational area being developed by Wilmington on the recently acquired Yentile Farm property. About 1,000 surveys were submitted, with 65 percent of respondents indicating the 20.3-acre Cross Street site should be used for a combination of athletic fields, walking and jogging trails, and playground and picnic areas. According to respondents, the most critical factor in determining the best use for the property should be the creation of more recreational activities for people of all ages. A walking/jogging trail and a picnic/pavilion area were among the most popular features, with 51 percent of respondents indicating they are “extremely interested” in the former and more than 35 percent in the latter. Respondents were nearly equally divided when asked if they would be willing to contribute to the cost of the new recreational area’s construction; 55 percent said yes, 45 percent said no. More than half the respondents were 41 to 60 years old, 83 percent live in Wilmington, and 13 percent work in the town. The survey results will be used to help shape the future use of the property. To view the survey results, visit the town website at