Tracking Deanna Cremin’s death in 1995

Deanna Cremin was murdered 10 years ago in Somerville. The case is still unsolved.
Deanna Cremin was murdered 10 years ago in Somerville. The case is still unsolved.(Dominic Chavez/Globe Staff/File)

Early Evening, March 29, 1995

Deanna Cremin's mother, Katherine, last sees her daughter alive. They share a bus ride

Deanna Cremin's home on Jaques Street.
Deanna Cremin's home on Jaques Street.(Gabriella Gage)

from Boston home to Broadway near their Somerville home. Katherine worked in Boston and Deanna went downtown to go shopping after school.

Late evening, March 29

Katherine Cremin says Deanna called her from her boyfriend Tommy LeBlanc’s house to say she wouldn’t be home by her 10 p.m. curfew. LeBlanc, who became a suspect in the case, later tells police he walked Deanna about halfway to her Jaques Street home, leaving her at Heath and Bond streets before returning to his apartment at 419 Broadway.


Midnight, March 29

Katherine Cremin tries to reach Deanna on her pager.

Late night March 29 or early morning March 30

A man described by police as 40 to 45 years of age, 5 feet 9 inches to 5 feet 11 inches tall, and between 160 and 170 pounds is seen in the area where Deanna's body is found.

8 a.m., March 30

Location where Deanna's body was found.
Location where Deanna's body was found.(Gabriella Gage)

Two girls walking to an elementary school find Deanna’s body behind a senior housing building at 125 Jaques St.

March 31

Friends leave memorials at the site where she was found.

April 1 or 2

An unnamed member of the Somerville Fire Department, who Deanna’s friends tell police had recently taken an interest in her, is questioned in connection with the case.

April 3

More than 1,000 people attend Deanna’s funeral at St. Polycarp Church in Somerville.

April 5

A sketch of the man spotted near the crime scene is publicized.

A sketch of the man spotted near the scene
A sketch of the man spotted near the scene(The Boston Globe)

May 12

Deanna's family offers a $10,000 reward for information leading to the capture of her killer.

May 28

Susan LeBlanc, the mother of Deanna’s boyfriend, takes out a restraining order against her son, citing his mood swings and bad temper since Deanna’s death.


Sources: Globe archives; Katherine Cremin

Clarification: Photos that accompanied a timeline of this story, including Tommy LeBlanc’s former home at 419 Broadway in Somerville; the spot where her body was found at 125 Jaques St.; and Cremin’s former home at 48 Jaques St. were taken by Gabriella Gage.