Clipper City Rail Trail parking discussed

Officials are continuing to look into possibilities for parking near the entrance of the Clipper City Rail Trail. In a meeting late last month, selectmen discussed a handful of options, including off-street parking on the south side of Parker Street; off-street parking on the north side of Parker Street; parallel parking off Parker Street; a designated lot across from the entrance to the cemetery; or no designated parking at all. Options could also include crosswalks, access roads, and flashing lights. Previously, Geordie Vining, senior project manager with Newburyport’s office of planning and development, presented a plan to create six parking spaces along the road, but selectmen expressed concerns about roadway safety. The Clipper City Rail Trail is now in its second phase, according to Newburyport’s website, which entails extending the 1.1-mile trail another 1.5 miles along the Merrimack River, through the south end of the city, and into Newbury. The Merrimack Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization has scheduled the trail extension for construction by 2015.