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    North Andover

    Moderator makes changes to Town Meeting rules

    Town Moderator Mark S. DiSalvo has issued the annual moderator’s message, in which he reviewed the changes he instituted at last year’s annual Town Meeting, the first over which he presided. The procedures and rules that DiSalvo has implemented aim to “make the meeting both more transparent and efficient,” he said. The North Andover town charter gives the moderator the unilateral power to establish rules of procedure for Town Meeting. DiSalvo has embraced significant new rules, including one that requires speakers to disclose whether they or an immediate family member have a personal financial interest in a matter under discussion. DiSalvo also requires town employees and appointed and elected officials to identify their position on issues being weighed at Town Meeting and whether they are speaking in an official capacity. Other changes include the introduction of a large overhead screen to display warrant articles, motions, and changes to articles and motion; and informal conversation among participants to ease voter understanding of the issues to be decided. DiSalvo also announced that he would continue the live broadcast and Internet streaming of the annual Town Meeting for the benefit of those citizens who are unable to attend. North Andover’s annual Town Meeting is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. May 21 at North Andover High School, 430 Osgood St.