Letter: There is relief from flood insurance

Regarding your article (“Federal flood insurance rates set to increase,” Globe North, May 9), our surprise came about two years back when our mortgage company informed us they were going to cancel our mortgage unless we had flood insurance by month’s end. Who knew?

After much research, we discovered parts of North Reading were rezoned as flood zones. My husband’s family business developed our neighborhood 30 years back, and while we abut wetlands, never have we encountered water, even though a large portion of our four acres is zoned as wetlands.

This may be your next follow-up: How to file for an exemption from FEMA’s flood maps. We filed a Letter of Map Amendment with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, paid $400 cash up front for the flood insurance, and hired a civil engineer to bring our total outlay to $1,700. The land was surveyed, our exemption was granted, and we got some money back from the $400 flood insurance, since the process took less than four months.


To our credit, never have we claimed flood or water issues to our insurance company for 25-plus years, since our home’s elevation has provided us protection. Those in abutting neighborhoods always get water and still do. Others who may live in a flood zone may qualfy for an exemption due to elevations and insurance history.

Nancy Cirone

North Reading