Science club recycles, raises money

The Stoneham Middle School Science Club recycled more material than students from Bearden, Ark., in the 2013 Recycling Rumble, by a ratio of nearly 3 to 1, thanks in large measure to donations from Stoneham Bank, Bear Hill Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, the Peterson family of Stoneham, and local resident Bee Russo. Stoneham students collected 409 recyclable items during the competition, which began in February and ended in April; Bearden students collected 153 items. As a result of their efforts, the club raised $257.88 for the district, money that will help fund the activities of after-school clubs such as the science club, math team, and the arts club. FundingFactory pitted Stoneham Middle School against the Bearden public schools for this year’s competition because of their comparable recycling rates. In all, about 1,150 organizations nationwide participated in this year’s Recycling Rumble, a competition created by the FundingFactory in Erie, Pa. Collectively, the participants kept 217,524 items out of landfills. The competition’s top recycler was Manteca High School in Manteca, Calif., which sent 6,535 recyclable items to FundingFactory, earning them an Apple iPad and $5,599.38.