Voters unanimously approve Town Meeting warrant articles

Voters at the recent annual and special town meetings unanimously approved several articles, including $16,774,311 and $627,261 from the special assessment fund to cover town operations for fiscal tear 2014. Also approved were: $411,715 from Chapter 90 funds for street repairs; $106,795 from free cash to cover the snow and ice removal deficit; $51,000 from free cash to purchase a 1-ton dump truck with a plow for the Department of Public Works; $50,000 from free cash make repairs to the Newbury Elementary School; $35,000 from free cash for repairs to the town library; $30,000 from free cash to insulate and sheetrock the new public works two-bay garage; and $16,000 from free cash to purchase firefighter gear. Voters also authorized selectmen to petition the state Legislature to enact a law authorizing assessors to grant an abatement of real estate taxes for fiscal year 2013 for six Plum Island homeowners on Fordham Way and Annapolis Way.