Health Department warns of Lyme disease

The Ipswich Health Department is warning the public about the dangers of tick-spread Lyme disease, with notices sent to the media and posted on the town’s website, “Ticks are active year-round, but people are at the highest risk during the spring, summer, and fall seasons,” said Pamela Lara, the town’s public health nurse. “People are outside more, so they are more exposed.” Among the precautions: wear pants and long-sleeve shirts, and tuck the pants leg into a sock; stay to the middle of paths; use insect repellent with DEET; check skin and pets for ticks daily; remove ticks with fine-point tweezers; remove brush from yards, clip shrubs, and mow lawns. The Ipswich Health Department has a limited number of tick removers available for residents, at 978-356-6606.