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    Letter: Recycling standards not met

    I was glad to read that Somerville is expanding its electronics recycling, (“Somerville expands free electronics recycling,” Globe North, Aug. 15). However, many of these recycling companies have terrible labor and environmental records. That’s why there are independent certification programs to monitor and ensure high standards.

    Protek Recycling isn’t certified by E-Stewards (the high-end electronics recycling certification program developed by Basel Action Network). Companies certified under this standard do not export, do not use prison labor, and have high standards for worker protection.

    Protek Recycling isn’t even certified as R-2, which is the lower-end certification sponsored by the waste industry. Our city should seek a recycling vendor that is certified by an independent program and meets strict labor and environmental standards.


    Rand Wilson

    Rand Wilson

    Rand Wilson