City using new data program

The city recently began implementing a program that uses data to measure and improve the operations of departments and enhance the delivery of services. Known as SalemStat, the initiative is modeled after identical CitiStat programs that have been implemented by other cities across the country. The Edward J. Collins Jr. Center for Public Management at University of Massachusetts Boston is helping the city implement the program, which is being overseen by Sarah Stanton, Salem’s finance director. Department heads will collect data on a wide range of subjects within their work areas, including how tasks are allocated during work hours, response time to constituent requests, and achievement of goals. The data will be tracked month to month and reviewed in monthly meetings by Mayor Kimberley L. Driscoll; Stanton; Dominick Pangallo, the mayor’s chief of staff; a CitiStat expert from the Collins Center; and the department head involved. The city began using the program in the Public Services and Police departments, and hopes to extend it to other departments by the end of the fiscal year.