Equestrian center owner amends plan

Jerry Dawson, owner of the Canter Brook Equestrian Center on Highland Street, has amended his application with the Zoning Board of Appeals but is still seeking to have the board revoke the 1986 “no further subdivision” provision that allows no further development. In a request dated Aug. 21, Dawson seeks to reduce the limit for the number of horses on the commercial facility from 75 to 30, and a lot map divides the Asbury Street side of the 13.3-acre property into four building lots. Dawson had previously sought to have zoning restrictions removed from the property for the potential building of six single-family homes, though he later said that he had changed his mind and “As of now, it’s going to stay a farm.” While Dawson called his plan an amendment to the proposal being considered as part of a public hearing being continued to the board’s Sept. 11 meeting, Zoning Board of Appeals chairman Bill Bowler said because of the scope of the changes, he may ask his board to seek input from the Planning Board (according to town bylaws) before making a decision on how to proceed. The board’s meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. at Town Hall, Bay Road.