Science teacher takes class to Maritime Gloucester

On Sept. 20, Rockport High School science teacher Eric Sabo brought his marine science class to Maritime Gloucester for a research expedition aboard the wooden schooner Ardelle. He was joined by boat-builder and skipper Harold Burnham, Mary Kay Taylor, head of educational programs at Maritime Gloucester, and Rockport School Superintendent Robert Liebow. According to a release, students gathered water samples for investigating water quality, salinity, temperature, and acidity in the harbor. They also examined a variety of creatures that had been captured in lobster traps, including lobsters, crabs, and several invasive species, some of which may have migrated aboard ocean-going vessels. The students also did a plankton tow, gathering samples of diatoms, worms, and other small life forms that they examined with microscopes when they returned to Maritime Gloucester. Liebow conducted tutorials on navigating the inner and outer harbor.