City’s assessor’s department nears completion of revaluation project

Newburyport’s assessor’s department is nearing the completion of its fiscal 2014 property revaluation project, which will be complete when the state Department of Revenue issues final certification of assessments. All proposed fiscal 2014 assessments are available for public review in the assessor’s office through Monday and online at Any physical errors should be brought to the attention of the assessor immediately. Taxpayers who do not find physical errors but wish to challenge their property assessments may do so by filing for an abatement after the city’s tax bills are mailed out in December. The filing deadline for abatement applications will be Feb. 3, 2014. The fiscal 2014 property assessments should reflect 100 percent of fair market value as of Jan. 1, 2013. The assessments are based on market activity that occurred during calendar year 2012.