Women’s Political Caucus honors Kathi-Ann Reinstein

State Representative Kathi-Ann Reinstein was recently honored by the Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus. The Revere Democrat and five other women were saluted by the caucus at its annual Abigail Adams award ceremony, which pays tribute to women who have worked in their personal and political lives to achieve parity for women. The caucus noted Reinstein was the first woman to be elected state representative in her district and that, since 2011, she has served as second assistant majority leader, making her the youngest woman to ever obtain a leadership post and one of the highest-ranking female members in the House’s history. The group also noted that in her past role as chairwoman of the caucus, Reinstein was instrumental in the passage of legislation to provide health insurance coverage for hormone replacement therapy and contraceptive coverage for women. “Representative Reinstein’s work in the State House has always sought to improve the lives of her constituents,” Priti Rao, executive director of the caucus, said in a prepared statement. “In addition to this, she has worked to protect the reproductive rights of women through her support for health insurance coverage for contraception. We are very proud to present this award to her.”