North Andover

Police warn residents of phone scam

Local police have issued an advisory warning North Andover residents of an ongoing telephone scam. Several residents have received phone calls from 978-747-4511 advising them that they need to pay their electric bill or service would be shut off. The same telephone number has been used for a similar IRS scam, police said, with the caller demanding a $2,000 payment. Residents who receive a call like this are advised to hang up. If you have concerns about your electric bill, call the utility company directly, using a number you know to be legitimate. Do not call the number displayed on your caller ID. Local police would like to remind residents that it is highly unlikely that any utility company would call and threaten to shut off service immediately. Service disconnection is a lengthy process, with multiple written notices sent to the customer before service is suspended. North Andover police would like residents to advise family members and neighbors about this scam and to report any similar incidents to the Police Department at 978-683-3168.