City to consider funding proposals for anticrime package

The City Council at its meeting on Monday plans to consider a series of funding requests to pay for initial portions of a proposed multiyear anticrime package. The combined $929,480 in appropriations would pay for staff needed to begin implementing the plan in the current fiscal year, according to City Manager Jay Ash. He said he would include the balance of the plan’s first-year funding in his fiscal 2015 budget. Drafted by Ash, council president Dan Cortell, and Police Chief Brian Kyes, the Ten Point Public Safety Plan calls for matching federal funds to hire five additional police officers; making permanent the Police Department’s street robbery task force; increasing police foot patrols and visibility; and hiring two “navigators” — or public health outreach workers — to expand the city’s fight against drug abuse. Other features include hiring a Police Department civilian crime watch manager, funding a Prostitution Prevention and Intervention Task Force, and extending a joint program of the Police Department, Roca, and the North Suffolk Mental Health Association that works with 17- to 24-year-old high-risk males to steer them away from criminal activity and toward obtaining education and employment.