Town conveys land to developer proposing assisted-living facility

A Special Town Meeting recently authorized Wakefield to convey a parcel of land to a developer proposing an assisted-living facility on Main Street. The vote was 148-32, exceeding the necessary two-thirds threshold. The 17,999-square-foot parcel is part of a parking lot now used by the town and two local banks that also own portions of the lot. Brightview seeks to build an assisted-living facility on the adjacent site of the former Fraen Corp. complex The vote allows the town to transfer its share of the lot to Brightview at no charge as part of an arrangement in which the developer would construct a 198-car parking garage for use by residents, the town, and the two banks, according to Town Administrator Stephen P. Maio. Both banks are negotiating the sale of their portions of the lot to Brightview. The meeting approved a separate article allowing the town to enter into a 99-year lease for the use of 123 spaces in the garage. The lease would require the town to provide Brightview with $105,000 annually for 20 years in the form of tax relief, but no money after that. The meeting also took up four articles making minor revisions to a 2012 zoning change that created an assisted-living district in that area of Main Street. Three of the articles were approved and one indefinitely postponed.