Hamilton, Wenham

Towns receive grant to fund public facilities and infrastructure department

Wenham, Hamilton, and the Hamilton-Wenham Regional School District took another step toward creating a shared public facilities and infrastructure department when they recently received a $90,000 Commonwealth Community Innovation Challenge Grant for the hardware and software needed to create the department. The state grant program attempts to create incentives for regionalization. This is the second grant for the two towns and the school district, which received a Commonwealth grant of $30,000 in 2013 to allow the University of Massachusetts to help plan the framework for creation of a regional department. “The school district and the towns are committed to moving forward to design and implement a new paradigm for the management of all public facilities, infrastructure, and grounds maintenance, including routine and preventative building maintenance, capital repairs and overall infrastructure improvements,” said Wenham Selectman Patrick Wilson. “The potential savings to the citizens of Hamilton and Wenham and the opportunities to increase quality and efficiency are substantial.”