Zoning measure approved to allow medical marijuana dispensaries

Medical marijuana dispensaries will be allowed in certain areas of town under a zoning measure approved by a recent Special Town Meeting. The plan authorizes dispensaries in Cherry Hill Industrial Park off Route 128 and Danvers Industrial Park off Route 1, but prohibits them elsewhere in town. In other business, the meeting authorized the town to petition the state Legislature to allow Danvers to issue six additional on-premises alcohol licenses. It also adopted a zoning measure aimed at encouraging a mix of residential and commercial uses in Tapleyville, an area close to the downtown and the Danvers Rail Trail. Also approved was a bylaw requiring residents who receive a state “hardship cultivation” card to grow their own medical marijuana to register with the Board of Health and the Police Department. The meeting transferred $25,000 to supplement funding for veteran’s benefits, and $70,000 to use with $8,225 in federal grant money to allow emergency radio and cellphone use within Holten-Richmond Middle School. It also authorized $23,973 as a 10 percent match to an anticipated $239,730 federal grant to replace the Fire Department’s self-contained breathing apparatus and buy related equipment.