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Virus Zero brings high tech to air purification

At their company’s Billerica warehouse are David Holzman (left) and Scott Lattanzio.
Jim Davi/Globe Staff
At their company’s Billerica warehouse are David Holzman (left) and Scott Lattanzio.

David Holzman, 50, and Scott Lattanzio, 47, both of Andover, are on a mission to clear the air.

They are partners in the new Billerica company Virus Zero, which produces and sells a high-tech air purification system. It works by releasing cleansing ions to neutralize and eliminate contaminants, such as cold- and flu-causing viruses and bacteria. It also reduces mold, pollen, dust mites, animal dander, and more.

Holzman and Lattanzio heard about Samsung SPi technology in 2010. After years of research, they bought the rights to the technology, adapted it for the air purification device, and launched Virus Zero in January.


We talked with Holzman.

Q: Why did you start the company?

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A: We were looking for a product we could exclusively distribute, and with all the issues about air quality and health, it was a good opportunity. We are thrilled to be bringing cleaner air to a multitude of people.

Q: How is the product different?

A: Ninety percent of air purifiers require the air in a room to circulate through the device in order to capture the particles. With Virus Zero, air doesn’t circulate through it; it emits out cleansing ions. It also cleans surfaces that the ions come in contact with [such as counters, desks, or a television remote] in the room, which really differentiates us from competitors. It is very quiet, energy-efficient, and there are no expensive filters to change or purchase. It has a life expectancy of 5 to 10 years.

Q: What are the different products you offer?

A: A portable unit [$199] that is good for the car; it fits in a cup holder, and is also good for a small office, hotel room, or bedroom; a larger unit [$649] for living rooms, kitchens, basements, and shared spaces; and Virus Zero Pro [$979] for larger open spaces, offices, and other commercial applications.

Q: What are some of the more unusual spaces it would be good for?

A: Emergency rooms, child care centers, retail spaces, yoga studios, and nail salons.

Q: Future plans?


A: Our immediate future is to expand the marketplace [it is now available at and etailers]. The technology is not going to change soon, as this is already at the next level.

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