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In Beverly, a very exclusive gift shop selling only to the homeless

Think you have been to an exclusive holiday gift shop? There is one being held in Beverly Monday evening to which all of three families are invited.

They are the folks being served by Family Promise North Shore Boston, a nonprofit that helps homeless families by providing meals, temporary shelter, and case management services.

Family Promise director Russell Queen got the idea from a Midwest affiliate, and the task of setting up and running the event was given to intern Lauren Ayube, a student at Salem State University.

“It’s about empowerment,” said Queen in a statement. “That’s the reason we’re really doing it. . . . Any way we can empower families when in a situation like this is all for the good.”


This is the first time the nonprofit will stage the gift shop, and for Family Promise’s lucky clients — three adults and 10 children — the bargains will be bargains indeed: Everything will be priced between a dime and a dollar.

While the parents are shopping, their children will bake and decorate cookies and play games with volunteers.

The shop will be open Tuesday evening as well, exclusively to the nonprofit’s former clients, those who have found permanent housing. Tuesday’s invites will go to four families — six adults and 10 children.

Everyone is invited to donate. Drop off items as late as 1 p.m. Monday at the Day Center, 330 Rantoul St., Beverly.
Nick Kapteyn

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