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Starlab Studios in Somerville fosters creativity

Starlab Studios is a multimedia production studio based in Union Square, Somerville.Richard TK Hawke

It's the perfect blend: Richard TK Hawke, a filmmaker who specializes in multimedia production and postproduction; Matt Price, a recording engineer; and Lisa Vidal, who has a background in performance, comedy, and customer service.

They all are part of Starlab Studios (starlabstudios.com ) in Somerville, which offers clients collaborative concept and content creation, development, audio, video, editing, and marketing, as well as event hosting.

"Simply put, we can take any idea you have, however big or small, and make it great," said Hawke.

We talked with Hawke, 32, of Somerville; Price, 32, of Medford; and Vidal, 30, of Somerville.


Q. Clients?

Hawke: It’s a broad scope from artists and creative individuals to corporate clients.

Q. Why open 24 hours?

Price : It’s not a retail place.

Hawke: Along with doing this, we are all artists in our own right. If someone wants to come in at 2 a.m., that’s fine. We had a project we were working on for a client until 4 a.m. Sometimes you just have to get it out for a deadline.

Q. Cost?

Hawke: It completely depends on the project. If a band wants to come in and record, it depends on how many songs. Or they might want a music video. It's a project-by-project basis. We are more intent on making good work.

Q. Difference?

Vidal: We come up with a vision. A lot of [other video producers] use prerecorded music that you can find online.

Price: We have a network of talented musicians we work with.

Vidal: And, [the client] can own that music and visual.

Q. Events?

Hawke: It’s a cozy atmosphere. We have private and public film screenings and a comedy night once a month.

Q. Other plans?

Price: It’s a great and unique space we built. And, there are a lot of hours, especially during the afternoon, that the space isn’t used. If we could get more people taking advantage of it for classes and rehearsals, that would be great.

Q. American Small Business Championship? (Starlab was one of 102 winners nationwide)

Vidal. We had to create a 60-second video, and in four answers say what we have sacrificed for our business to succeed. Ours were money, sleep, social and interpersonal relationships, and our sanity.

Wendy Killeen

Wendy Killeen can be reached at wdkilleen@gmail.com