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Amesbury mayor vetoes pay raise

Amesbury Mayor Ken Gray issued his first veto earlier this month, and it will cost him $10,000 for fiscal year 2016 and $1,000 for years after that. Shortly after the City Council approved a 12.5 percent increase to bring the mayor's salary – currently $80,000 — into line with similar communities, the mayor said thanks, but no thanks, citing an already high burden on property taxpayers. "In Amesbury, there are plenty of hard-working employees and city officials who have performed at exceptionally high levels, and they also deserve substantial raises," Gray wrote in a letter to the city clerk. "However, as those who work in the private sector know, it is not enough for an employee to deserve a raise; the employer must also be able to afford it." The City Council, which cited several advances made during Gray's administration, also considered a raise for its own members, but tabled the proposal indefinitely.

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