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That Nutty Redhead offers wholesome treats

“Welcome to the nuthouse, ” says
Lisa Griffiths. She’s not kidding. She and her partner in work and life, John Grant, operate a business that makes gourmet nuts in a state-licensed kitchen in their Rockport home.

In just two years, the business has grown from selling all-natural almond and cashew blends at farmers’ markets to being on the shelves of specialty food stores, 17 Whole Food stores throughout the state, and the chain’s other locations as far away as Mississippi.

We talked with Griffiths, 51, co-owner with Grant of That Nutty Redhead.

Q. Inspiration?


A. The recipes are based on my Victorian-era great-great-great-grandmother, Ella Mae’s, cookbook, which I inherited. Nuts have always been around and used primarily in baking and as candied nuts in that time. I love that it is a family recipe.

Q. Products?

A. Two. Praline with Sea Salt, a mix of almonds and cashews with all-natural cinnamon sugar and pure Madagascar vanilla; a salty-sweet blend. It’s a good snack and also good in salads. Breakfast in New England, which has a maple-toffee flavor and is reminiscent of French toast or pancakes and syrup. It’s wicked good on ice cream and yogurt and mixed with granola.

Q. Benefits?

A. Homemade with no corn syrup, peanuts, gluten, eggs, soy, wheat, dairy, trans fat oil, artificial colors, or flavors. They are nuts and have fat, but it’s the good kind of fat we need. They are kettle-steamed to lock in the nutrients, like when you steam vegetables. It makes them softer and easier to chew and they have a longer shelf life. We use locally sourced ingredients when possible. I like to call it “healthy comfort food.”

Q. Cost?

A. Depends on the store. Two-ounce grab-and-go snack bags are about $3. Eight-ounce bags sell for $8 to $9.


Q. Employees?

A. It’s just the two of us. We work 15-hour days but are committed to the company.

Q. Future?

A. To continue to expand into more stores. Looking for a larger facility where we can do production, hire employees, and have a storefront. And finding investors.


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