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March 1 is National Pig Day

Jax takes a carrot at Nevins Farm in Methuen.MSPCA-Angell

March 1 has been National Pig Day since 1971, according to animal advocates at the MSPCA’s Nevins Farm in Methuen.

The MSPCA is hoping adopters step forward to take home one or more of the 11 pigs currently bunking down in the barn.

Since the start of the year, Nevins Farm has adopted out six pigs, but taken in seven more.

Mike and Ruben, three-month-old potbellied pigs, were surrendered to the MSPCA-Cape Cod adoption center in Centerville on Feb. 20 after their previous owner could no longer care for the bonded pair, who were living outside without adequate shelter. Six-month-old potbelly Jax was living in a small apartment in Central Mass. until he grew too large. His previous owner brought him to Methuen, where the staff hopes to find him a new home where he will have outdoor space to roam.


Jimmy is another pig who was kept exclusively indoors in a home in Weston and needs a yard to snout around in.

Patriot and Pretty Girl, a bonded pair living in North Central Mass., lacked adequate outdoor shelter during the recent cold snap and were surrendered Feb. 12 by their previous owner. According to staffers in Methuen, the pigs were shivering as they ran into their warm stalls at Nevins.

Potential adopters take note: Pigs generally require outdoor space with grass to chomp and mud to roll around in during the hot summer months. Just as important, they need covered shelter — such as a barn or shed — for colder months. Pigs are omnivores, do well on commercial pig feed, and should always have access to clean drinking water.

The MSPCA-Nevins Farm team will be celebrating National Pig Day with a special pig-themed edition of Little Bookworms Story Time at 10:30 a.m. on March 4, followed by a visit to the barn so children can offer fruits and vegetables to the resident pigs.


For more information about pig adoption at the MSPCA, go to “adoption centers” at mspca.org.

Marcia L. Dick can be reached at marcia.dick@globe.com.