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Fines levied on asphalt plant site in Westford

Newport Materials of Nashua has been fined $20,000 by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection for ground-water monitoring violations at a quarry reclamation project at 540 Groton Road (Route 40) in Westford. Filling in the 3.35-acre quarry with more than 300,000 tons of dirt is only part of the plans for the 114-acre site near the Chelmsford line. Newport also plans to construct an asphalt plant on part of the property. Noel Nagle of the Route 40 Clean Air Coalition, a group of residents living near the proposed plant, is concerned that “Newport’s ability to operate an asphalt plant in accordance with all requirements is seriously open to question, given their inability to comply with the much simpler requirements associated with the stockpiling of dirt.”

Linda Greenstein can be reached at greensteinlm@gmail.com.