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Detail of “Lemons” by artist Susan Ahearn, going on display in Norwell.

Globe South calendar

Women’s History Month at the Abigail Adams Historical Society, classical symphony programs, and more.

BIC Sport’s Chris Decerbo said the company is preparing for its busy spring and summer seasons.

Business Plan

BIC Sport in Wareham

BIC Sport makes its gear in France, but since 2003, Wareham has been home to a major distributor.

In last year’s nationals, Lindsay Resca took third place.

Up Close

In Sharon, a yoga master at age 12

Lindsay Resca was the overall New England youth champion earlier this year at the New England Regional Yoga Asana Championship.

The Informer

Openings and closings of businesses and other organizations in the south suburbs.

Apple-cinnamon French toast with bits of soft apple is one of a variety of breakfast items.

Jessica Bartlett for The Boston Globe

Local Fare

Uncle Charlie’s Finer Diner

“The trick is don’t try to fool anybody. Give people good food, good service,” said Charlie Wilson, who runs the diner.



The Argument

Should Massachusetts repeal its mandatory minimum drug sentences?

Two views on whether Massachusetts should repeal its mandatory minimum drug sentences.

The Big Question

Should Massachusetts school districts eliminate February vacation?

Four views on whether schools should just have one spring break instead.

Globe South commentary

Notes to Globe South from readers commenting on a range of stories.

A hat and hat stand from the old Foxboro Hat Shop, one of the last of its kind to close.

Beverly Beckham

Still enchanted by hats and the memories they hold

I miss the totally superfluous, wide-brimmed beauties designed solely for sitting on top of a head.



Play of the Week

Plymouth North senior Justin Freyermuth takes wrestling championship

Freyermuth discussed the Feb. 21 pin that locked up the 160-pound Division 2 State Championship.

Catching Up with

Peter Ambrose, Cardinal Spellman High School

Ambrose was affiliated with the school for 51 years, serving as a teacher, coach, athletic director, and a mentor.

Noteworthy performances

Top performances from athletes in the west, north, and south suburbs.

To our readers

Letter from the Regional Editor

Welcome to our new and expanded weekly Globe West, Globe North, and Globe South.

Blotter tales

// Marblehead man accused of blowing snow all over his neighbor

Police said a man turned his snowblower in the direction of his neighbor, and covered him with snow.

Cartoon Caption Contest

// Citgo Snow

Send us your submissions for this week’s cartoon, and see the winning caption and finalists from last week’s contest.

Globe South Community News

Blackledge Farms housing proposal goes before Halifax board

The proposal is to build 52 single-family homes, 13 of which would be set aside for affordable housing.

Mixed-use zoning to go before Rochester Town Meeting

Rochester officials aim to avoid a traditional strip-mall development in the town center.


Last day of school in Hull pushed to June 30

Snow days will be distant memories by the time classes end in Hull this year, since the last day of school has been pushed back to June 30, according to Superintendent Kathleen Tyrell. In addition, the town’s public schools will be open half a day for grades one through 12 on Saturday, March 7, to help make up for the 10 snow days accumulated so far, Tyrell said. Because Saturday is the Jewish Sabbath, there will be no tests or major projects that day, she said. Hull was hit hard by the recent snowstorms, with some side streets still impassable last week, according to Town Manager Philip Lemnios. A crew from the New York Department of Transportation early last week brought equipment to help dig out the peninsula, and members of the Hull High School basketball team helped shovel out the town’s senior center and homes of senior citizens. Lemnios has been writing daily updates on the town’s website, with weather-themed literary references that he challenged residents to identify. One example: Thoreau’s “We are hunters pursuing the summer on snowshoes and skates, all winter long. There is really but one season in our hearts.” Hull public school students will experience summer in the classroom this year, thanks to the winter storms.


Residents of Marshfield’s Rexhame Terrace appeal beach-ownership verdict

Residents of Marshfield’s Rexhame Terrace neighborhood who lost a dispute with the town over ownership of part of Rexhame Beach have appealed the Dec. 31 Land Court verdict that declared the beach town-owned.

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