Police chief at top of the class

Police Chief Paul Shastany has been elected one of six section leaders in a class of 260 law enforcement professionals at the FBI National Training Academy in Quantico, Va. In a recent posting on the department’s Facebook page, Shastany described the workload at the 10-week academy, which began in January and concludes March 16. “There is very little down time here. I have one paper and three presentations left. No complaints here though!” As a section leader, he is required to speak to the entire session and staff, and will have a private reception with FBI Director Robert Mueller at graduation. Shatany said he is accepting several physical challenges during the course, including the “Yellow Brick Road,’’ a grueling 6.1-mile run through a hilly, wooded trail. Executive Officer Robert Devine is running the Stoughton department in Shastany’s absence. - Rich Fahey