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    Settlement results in five-day shutdown of bar

    Bar owner Jack Gateman has agreed to close down The Clubhouse and serve a five-day suspension of the Randolph Country Club’s entertainment license instead of facing a disciplinary hearing set by the Town Council on Nov. 19. Both bars are located in a large building at 44 Mazzeo Drive and had been operating under a single manager, Eddie Bazile, who was fired by Gateman as part of the settlement. While the Randolph Country Club, a popular alternative bar, has presented few problems, The Clubhouse, a more rowdy operation that draws an out-of-town crowd thanks to promoters, has been a constant headache for the neighborhood and for local police. As part of the settlement, Gateman agreed to keep The Clubhouse closed until he wins council approval for a new use for the location. Gateman also agreed to an entertainment license suspension at the Randolph Country Club, from Dec. 2 through Dec. 6.