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    Brockton City Council did wrong thing by raising local property tax rates

    Monday night’s Brockton City Council meeting was yet another example of voter misrepresentation, when our City Council decided to increase our residential tax rate from $16.14 per thousand to $16.88 per thousand. The council decided to increase our commercial tax rate from $29.96 to $31.91 as well.

    It was a sad scene to watch as residents and local business owners begged and pleaded with the City Council to veto any tax increase. People were lined out the door of the council chamber waiting for their chance to speak. The council’s disheartening action will result in continued higher taxes for many residents, whose property valuations may also increase this fiscal year. The increase also gives businesses yet another reason not to come to Brockton.

    The saddest commentary on the City Council’s action is that they didn’t have to increase our tax rates at all. A veto would have forced the mayor and [chief financial officer John] Condon to get to work to cut some of the fat and waste that plague our city.


    One positive accomplishment that came from the meeting was that residents and business owners turned out in large numbers and have put the City Council, Mayor [Linda] Balzotti, and Mr. Condon on notice. It is our job to hold them to their commitment and, if they waver, the city elections just so happen to be next November.

    Richard J. Zaccaro

    Brocktonians for Limited