Letter on Dec. 2 People column

We were so happy to read Paul Kandarian’s recent story on Robert Whittier and the effect on his life of the summers spent at Camp Squanto [People column, Dec. 2].

We work with the summer camp industry and we know how transformative and important time spent at camp can be. How nice to see it come to life through Mr. Whittier.

With the world so complicated at times, it’s nice for all of us to occasionally recognize the simple and memorable times spent at camp. Making friends, having fun, and, as in the case of Mr. Whittier, learning skills that last a lifetime. Camps have always helped educate with hands-on learning. Now whether we believe that he had nothing to do with dousing the camp’s hot dogs with Tabasco sauce is another story!

Bette Bussel

Executive director

American Camp Association, New England, Lexington