Businesswoman to sell wind turbines

Businesswoman Mary O’Donnell expects soon to sell the three industrial-sized wind turbines she owns off Route 3 to a large wind company as a package deal. The Kingston businesswoman said she will sell the machines but keep the land and lease it. O’Donnell recently handed out three information packets and had already received one offer. She expects interest from all three companies she has contacted. The turbines are currently the subject of a court appeal filed by abutters, but O’Donnell said she’s selling the wind machines so she can pay off the manufacturer, Gamesa. “They’ve been great, but they want to get paid, and I don’t blame them,” she said. She said a large company would have the cash to pay for the turbines. “They won’t be borrowing any money,” she said. O’Donnell conceded she feels bad about selling the wind machines, which have been spinning for 11 months, “but the good news is I’ll be out of trouble and out of debt.” O’Donnell said the sale will also allow her to focus on her plan for a sustainable mixed-use development in the same area, where she owns 105 acres.