Puppies help reduce stress of finals

Stonehill College students were offered a “puppy-petting” session at the school’s sports complex on Dec. 12 to help relieve some of the end-of-semester stress as they headed into their final exams. Health and wellness coordinator Jessica Greene came up with the idea. The stress-relieving pups — five Papillons named Tucker, Lexi, Bunny, Betty, and Ripley — were supplied by their owner, Patrick Keaney, who is Stonehill’s assistant director of student activities.  “Hundreds thronged over there,” said Martin McGovern, director of communications, who added that the event may be held again in May. In addition to the pet therapy session, students were offered other stress-reducing tools, including free yoga, cardio and Zumba classes, aromatherapy, and chair massages. Finals will be over on Friday.