Braintree family’s display draws viewers, who get candy canes, too

Jim Davis/Globe Staff


17 Morrison St.

When Cindy and Scott Moore were children growing up in Quincy and Randolph, their families always drove by the house of a Braintree man who went all out with holiday decorations. “It made quite an impression on us,” Cindy said. In 1991, when the two met, the man’s house came up in conversation, and they agreed that it was a great idea. They got married two years later, and when they moved in on Morrison Street, they started decorating. It has been a tradition for 17 years. Cindy said the display draws lots of viewers, to whom they hand out candy canes when they’re home. One night last year, she said, they handed out 600. The family’s electric bill quadruples during this time, but they’ve never considered not decorating. “It’s a lot of work, but it’s rewarding,’’ she said. “It lifts people’s spirits.”