Businesses requesting four-term mayor

Quincy voters may get the opportunity to extend the term for mayor from two years to four years during the next election. Although nothing has been put on the ballot yet, the Quincy Chamber of Commerce is hoping to put a citizens initiative petition together to extend the mayor’s term. The hope is that a more stable government would result in a better economic climate, as the city’s chief executive would be able to spend more time running the city than campaigning for the office. Already, the topic has generated discussion in the city. According to Ward 6 Councilor Brian McNamee, the topic should be carefully considered if it is to come to fruition. “The opposing view, for those who want the shorter, two-year term, is based on a desire to endorse (ratify leadership) elected officials every two years by ballot,” McNamee said in his recent newsletter. “The two-year term is the only way a voter can immediately change the public policy direction of the Chief Executive. This is a powerful check and balance outside of those traditionally guaranteed by the Branches of Government.” McNamee also raised concerns with the ability of the incumbent to raise money over a longer time period than a possible opponent. According to City Clerk Joseph Shea, a petition would have to generate approximately 3,000 signatures and be turned in by July 2013. If successful, the question would appear on the ballot in November.