Looking back on 2012 | Quincy

Pedestrian accidents defy safety push

Matthew J. Lee/Globe Staff/file

With at least 95 pedestrian accidents in the books this year, Quincy’s efforts for walker safety have not gone well. The number of accidents is the highest in recent years, with 71 in 2011, and 49 in 2010. Collisions range from the minor to the fatal, and officials are concerned. Safety efforts have been ongoing all year, having first started in April with education campaigns in schools and enforcement efforts on drivers. Though 242 motorists were stopped during this heightened patrol effort, and 182 citations handed out, the accidents continued. Depending on whom you ask, the problem is either with the careless and aggressive drivers, or the haphazard pedestrians who cross streets as if Quincy were an idyllic country town. Regardless of who is at fault, the City Council has made it a New Year’s resolution to find answers, and is planning to meet with public safety officials, public works employees, and the mayor’s office in the next few months to discuss solutions.

Jessica Bartlett

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