Town to auction properties taken for back taxes

Five properties taken for taxes will be auctioned by the town on Jan. 15, in the hope of recovering the amounts owed along with money spent to process the properties through foreclosure via land court. According to Treasurer-Collector Paul Digirolamo, the town auctioned off two properties last year, bringing in $136,300, which covered taxes owed, legal fees, and a small amount of interest. This year's list includes two properties with houses on them and three vacant parcels. "We'd like to get as much as we can for the properties to cover the tax money and legal fees," Digirolamo said. "And if we can get some of the interest, that's even better. Most don't bring in exactly what's owed." Prior to last year, the town had gone several years without auctioning off properties taken for taxes. The auction will be held at 10 a.m. Jan. 15 in Town Hall.